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Managing your Migraines

Migraines can be severe and radically affect one quality of life. Many patients don’t know why they are suffering from this debilitating condition. Migraines, however, are very common and there can be a number of causes. The South African Family Practice Journal estimates that migraines occur in up to 18% of the general population… Read More

Sexual Health in Men

Sex is part of life for human beings. It drives more than just a physical and pleasurable contact but is important for human relationships and survival. Sexual health is very complex and taken for granted until there is problem. When sexual problem starts to happen it can have serious impact not only for the person but also for the partner in the relationship. Read More

Dealing with Chronic Wounds

A simple small cut or abrasion can quickly turn into a non-healing wound if not properly managed. Chronic or non-healing wounds may include diabetic foot, bedsores, venous sores, cancer burns, burn wounds or wounds from surgery. This process of healing can according to Harvard Health can take much longer to heal if you are elderly… Read More

The Nucare Story


We all want to be healthy but with so many products on offer it makes wyze choices difficult . Just too much confusion, and all that time getting lost in the pharmacy, listening too some expert tell you about next year’s miracle product that’s arrives this year and then paying for stuff you don’t need. We going to check them out for you. We will even test them on our friends and then tell you what works. We will give these products our HealthWyze rating to make sure you get what you need.